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Disclaimer and Conditions

Welcome to Tingler Television.

All programs on this station are either original independent works or works that are shown with respect to their distributors
or producers.  
All films presented by individual hosts, are checked and researched through or checked through the youtube 
copyright protection service and are thought to be public domain. Special programming will feature advertisements from the
distributor who will receive all income from said advertisements and information will be posted before or after the film as to 
where it may be purchased and/or seen in its entirety.  This is a free station that is operated with funding from the sale of
advertisements. At NO TIME will anyone viewing be charged a fee to see the entertainment on our Roku channel.

Chat rooms have been enabled in order for viewers to discuss the programs and or voice observations or share questions and
answers. We ask for a 5.00 donation for this service.  The main objective of this station is to bring the fun and fantasy of classic horror, sci-fi and TV, good or bad to
a new generation who otherwise may never even know it exists.  It is not a money-making franchise from which films are sold
or profited from. 

Hosts may be tipped for their entertainment and performance art, as well as the creation of their portion of their shows.
Tingler Television is not responsible for any issues which may or may not arise from the hosts programs. This is why all
programs are researched and are thought to be available for presentation.

All programming with adult language or situations will be be preceded with a warning.  NO program that contains such things
will be shown before 9:00 pm and any show containing nudity will only be shown after 10:00 pm.  ABSOLUTELY NO PORNOGRAPHY will
be shown or tolerated.

All programs are considered "Creative Commons" and are presented with the chat rooms for this purpose.
No films produced later than 1974 will be presented unless it is a fan film or original work following the
guidelines set forth by the trademark or franchise owners.

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