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Our Schedule
Tingler Television

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PeanutButter Pig

Monday Nights are Monster Nights!
Monster Manor TV 7:00 pm
Horror Basement and Beyond 9:00 pm
Spooky Dude 10:00 pm
Trash Talk 11:00 pm

Tuesday Nights are Para-Normal
Appalachian Haints and Haunts 6:00 pm
Hunting the Unknown 7;00 pm
The Midnight Movie 8:00 pm
Princeton Vice 10:00 pm

Wednesdays are Wicked!

 Horror Sanctum 5:00 pm
The Newlydeads 7:00 pm
Al Omega's Original Creature Features 8:00 pm
Sally the Zombie Cheerleader 10:00 pm
Horror Sanctum wicked replay 12:00 am (NEW)

Thursdays are Blood Thirsty!
Horror City Detroit 6:00 pm
Tennessee Macabre 8:00 pm
Robo-Cat Productions 10:00 pm

Fridays are Frightening!
Beware Theatre with Arachna of the Spider People 6:00 pm
Mistress Peace Theatre 8:00 pm
Glen's Drive In 10:00 pm
The Madbluds 11:00 pm

Saturdays are Spooktacular!
Chad and Bunny 6:00 pm
Tingler Theatre 7:00 pm
Jackie Chins Zombiepalooza Radio Live 9:00 pm
The Vampira Show 11:00 pm

Sundays are Ghouls Night Out!

Newly Deads 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
Dead and buried treasures 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Jackie Bloods spooky hardcore
(A horrific mix of movies, shows and mayhem.) 7:00 pm
10:00 pm Helena Housewife.
What's in the Drive In this week?
(Shows play at various times all day)
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