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Daytime schedules on Tingler are a mix of retro television and re-runs of the previous nights broadcasts so that everyone gets a chance to see all shows. See the NEW daytime line up.

Evenings May 29th- June 5th

7:00 pm SPECIAL BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (audio commentary) 
9:00 pm Sally the Zombie Cheerleader 
11:00 pm Spooky Dude


7:00 pm: Tingler Theatre: 
9:00 pm: The Midnight Movie: 
11:00 pm: Appalachian haunts and haints


7:00 pm The Newlydeads "Dollar Store Drive-In" LIVE CHAT
8:00 pm Al Omeaga's Original Creature Features
10:00 pm Trash Talk: Doom Asylum
11:00 pm Ghostly manor (NEW SHOW)


6:00 pm Horror City, hosted by The Impaler and Genevieve Dragonweed 

8:00 pm Tennessee Macabre :"Special Presentation
10:00 Robo-Cat Productions

12:00 am The Music Tomb with Raul Madblud

3:00 Chad and Bunny: re-run

4:00 pm Jackie Blood's Spooky Hardcore:

The Bat

6:00 pm Jackie Chin's Zombiepalooza Radio Live

8:00 pm Bordello of Horror

10:00 pm Glen's Drive In "Blood Salvage" NEW SHOW!


3:00 Spooky Dude Live (New Episode)                        
4:00 Chad and Bunny (New episode)                          
5:00 pm Monster Manor TV with Mark Muncy


7:00 pm Beware Theater:

8:30 pm Tomorrowz End

9:00 pm Horror Basement Theater

10:00 pm Appalachian Haints and Haunts

Monday through Friday 7:00 am est till 4:00 pm est:

Cagney and Lacey

Starsky and Hutch


Garfield and friends

Andy Griffith

The Betty White Show

Ozzie and Harriet

The Liberace Hour


Weird Science

The Muppet Show

These programs play at various times every day.  Just turn on and enjoy a trip back to yesterday.

"Bride of Frankenstein" clips, sketches and monstrous mayhem!
Plus new shows from your favorite hosts, to be announced each day.
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