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Welcome to Tingler Television Network.  We provide the best in independent horror and sci-fi based programming. Over the past three years, we have grown to include three channels for your viewing pleasure with over three million viewers.  Each of our programs are created and provided by individual producers, who have graciously added their content to our station.  We also have advertisers and sponsors who have generously assisted us in creating this platform. Find out how to watch our channels below.


Go to your televisions web browser and go to click on the watch now link and save the channel to your apps.

How to watch Tingler Television

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Go to your play station library and open the web browser.  Go to and click on the watch now link in the middle of the page.

Save the link to your apps and enjoy.

You can find us in the Roku store

and under Live TV

Certified On Deman Coming Soon

Tingler Television Network is only compatible with Smart TVs made after 2016.   Once you have the station on your set, it can be seen in full screen by using the on screen controls.  Tingler Television Network can also be downloaded as an app to your android or I-phone.  You can always access the chat feature by going to and choosing the Tingler Roku tab from the menu.

Next, add this link to your search bar. Go to it and save.
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