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Tingler Television. Classic Horror with a Modern Twist

Well hello!  I'm Eulogy Mortem and you have entered my mansion here on Mortem

Mountain.  I am a horror hostess. (Not a horrible hostess. Well, opinions are like..you know the rest.) I was once a great star in the world of Horrorwood but after upsetting a witch on the set of "Vampire Virgins from Virginia," I was banished into celluloid forever, cursed to present the worst of the worst and educate you in the studies of "B" movies. Nowadays, my sister Jessica contacts me from time to time using an invention from the great effects designer "Professor Villum Hassle", known as the "Sistascope".  This mechanical wonder allows the two of us to enter your world and entertain you.

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Jessica Mortem

My Twisted Sister

She is the only "earthly bound" family member who can interact with the living.  Blessed with the abilities of a great spiritual medium, Jessica can travel between the make believe world of the films we show and the real world of the here and now. Armed with a crystal ball full of cohorts and a spell book full of backwards magic at best, Jessica is always the "afterlife" of the party!

Joe Holcomb Calls The Shots!

Joe is the one who makes us beautiful..(No he's not a warlock.) He's our program director.  Joe is responsible for how our little show looks and feels.

Joe also works closely with the staff and crew to insure everything maintains the quality we bring each and every Saturday night.  He also signs the checks.  So we love him for that most of all.

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Grimesly Mortem

Grimesly is our resident librarian.  He treats us to a new super spooky short subject each week.  He also pops in from time to time just to let you know his opinion on the film at hand. Trust us, it's never good.


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